Woven Fabrics & Applications

Vantage Partners offers a wide selection of woven construction fabrics designed for separation, stabilization and reinforcement applications. All our products are rigorously and routinely tested by independent ASTM certified labs, and our construction fabrics are designed for high strength per weight as well as exceptionally high UV protection. 

VP geotextile fabrics are designed to provide a robust separation between the subgrade and the aggregate, extending the life of surface materials while stabilizing the foundation. This separation ability helps reduce pavement failures due to the subgrade becoming contaminated. Reducing subgrade and aggregate mixing keeps the structure intact and helps to maintain the drainage design properties. Separation fabrics work well beneath paved and unpaved structures.

In addition to separation characteristics, VP geotextiles additionally provide stabilization and reinforcement abilities when used with moderate to poor subgrade conditions, reducing the chance of aggregate punch through. Typical product applications include paved and unpaved roadways, parking lots, driveways, and haul roads.

VP geotextiles are also used to reinforce slopes and embankments to reduce the probability of soil sheer.
 PRM-2  200  85  90  0.05  40
 PRM-2A  220  100  110  0.05  40
 PRM-3A  270  120  120  0.05  40
 PRM-3B  250  115  115  0.05  40
 PRM-4A  315  135  140  0.05  40
 PRM-5  350  150  170  0.05  60

All values are MARV as tested by ASTM standards in English Units.


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