Vantage offers numerous converting services:

SLITTING: Capabilities include Hot and Cold slitting, bedroll slitters, center wind slitters, and duplex slitters ranging from 45" to 200" in width. Most can accomodate large diameters. We have been slitting fabrics for over 20 years.

SHEETING / PANELING: We sheet on tables as well as on automated equipment depending on the product. Cuts can be made with a cold blade or a hot knife. We routinely sheet widths up to 100". Most panels we can are 120" or less but we can create panels much longer.

CONTRACT SEWING: We have many years experience sewing a variety of industrial fabrics with numerous lock and chain stitch machines built for heavy duty materials. We can work with multiple layers of very thick materials and are used to sewing very large objects.

PACKAGING / LABELING: We routinely package for our customers and blind ship from our facility to reduce freight costs.

We welcome prototype work and small volumes. If you have a question concerning our converting abilities please contact Alan at 704-871-8700


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Vantage Partners
386 East Plaza Drive
Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone: 704-871-8700
Fax: 704-871-9700

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Vantage Partners
Vantage Partners